Essence Lash Princess First Impressions

Essence Lash Princess First Impressions

While cruising Facebook the other day I come across this video by Glamour Magazine.

It was originally titled with $3, but changed once everyone outed them for click-bait. This had me wondering more about it.

Random fact: you know how bloggers/youtubers need to disclose if something was sponsored or an add, well magazines don’t have to do that. They can pretty much straight up lie and get away with it.

So I hit up my local Shoppers Drug Mart and for $5.99 CAD I got my hands on a tube of this crazy mascara. 

Now my favourite mascara EVER is Bad Gal by Benefit and that retails for about $30 CAD, so if I can find a crazy good mascara for under $10, that would be revolutionary.


First thing I notice, is that the bottle is much different than what is shown in that video, The video shows a standard tube shape, black body and mint/turquoise lid. This is a curvy bottle, all black with mint/turquoise writing. Interesting…

The brush is drastically different than their video.


The brush is a slightly tapered smaller brush. I’m a fan of a big fat brush (like the one you find on Bad Gal), but I’m willing to change my mind if this is as amazing as it claims.

So finally to give it the ol’ college try. I do up my makeup and give it a shot. Here’s my results.


Now ignoring the fact that I desperately need to exfoliate and wax my brows, lets look at the mascara.

Not too shabby. Dark black. Lengthening. Not clumpy.

Would I call this amazing, or that my mind is blown? No.

Looking at the Glamour article again, it seems these girls are really layering it on. That’s not something I’m a fan of. I feel lashes should be long, dark, and plentiful. If I have to put so much on that I now have 5 spider legs, I’ll pass. I went through that faze in middle school and would rather not re-live it.

Will it work on a budget, absolutely, but to be honest I’ve been using the Essence Get Big Lashes in Triple Black, and it’s been just as great, and it’s under $3 CAD.

Have you tried this? What do you think? Let me know!






All products mentioned above are used with no outside influence unless otherwise noted. All opinions are my own.


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