30 Days of Face Masks

As I get older I focus more on skin care and lately I have been really into face masks.


Over the next 30-some days (lets be honest, I’ll miss some), I’ll be trying out a new face mask every day.

Background: I have fair, sensitive skin. I am 34 years old, with minor sun damage. I’m seeing the effects of age around my eyes, mouth and forehead. I haven’t had any cosmetic surgeries on my face (yet).

Join me on this journey!


UNMASQUE BEAUTY – Masque Bar Silver Foil Sheet Mask


Contains: Aloe Juice, Anise Fruit Extract, Camellia Leaf Extract

Goal: Visibly hydrates and soothes your skin with a youthful glow complexion

Facts: Aloe and Camellia are soothing extracts that will support this claim to sooth and hydrate.

Purchased Details: I got this mask at Shoppers Drug Mart for $3.99 CAD


I cleansed my skin, and applied the mask with the white side down. The instructions did not say which side to apply to the skin, and the silver side had a harder texture, and wasn’t as…for a lack of better terms… juicy.

It tingled, which isn’t new for me and masks, very hydrating. When I took the mask out of the packet it dripped, I hate messy masks.

I left it on for 20 mins, as the directions say 15-20. After my face felt good, hydrated. I applied my regular serums, creams and lotions as normal after.

My face was a little red after, interesting since the mask claims to be calming.

Not one I’d purchase again.


One thought on “30 Days of Face Masks

  1. I love that you are doing this as my skin is even more sensitive than yours, especially since my rosacea has kicked it into high gear, and I’ve been scared to try some stuff. Looking forward to more!

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