30 Days of Face Masks – Day 3

Day 3

Life Brand Deep Cleansing Face Mask – Dead Sea Salt & Seaweed


Contains: Dead Sea Salt & Seaweed

Goal: Natural sea minerals help to remove deep down imurities, excess oilsand restore vitality.

Purchase Details: $1.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart

















In the words of the hicks in Letter Kenny – Hard No. This mask started off with just a strong scent, along the lines of house hold cleaner, then it stung my eyes, then it burned. I don’t know what it was that is in this one but it’s not a fun mask.

I chose this one today because I’m having a bit of a break out situation. My chin is grand-pimple station lately, and I’ve been working on it with some Benzoyl Peroxide spot treatment, but today I woke up with a small volcano on my temple. I was hoping this would help, I don’t think it did.

This mask left my skin tight and tingly, and even though we’ve trained ourselves to think that’s a good thing, it’s really not.



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