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30 Days of Face Masks – Day 3

Day 3

Life Brand Deep Cleansing Face Mask – Dead Sea Salt & Seaweed


Contains: Dead Sea Salt & Seaweed

Goal: Natural sea minerals help to remove deep down imurities, excess oilsand restore vitality.

Purchase Details: $1.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart

















In the words of the hicks in Letter Kenny – Hard No. This mask started off with just a strong scent, along the lines of house hold cleaner, then it stung my eyes, then it burned. I don’t know what it was that is in this one but it’s not a fun mask.

I chose this one today because I’m having a bit of a break out situation. My chin is grand-pimple station lately, and I’ve been working on it with some Benzoyl Peroxide spot treatment, but today I woke up with a small volcano on my temple. I was hoping this would help, I don’t think it did.

This mask left my skin tight and tingly, and even though we’ve trained ourselves to think that’s a good thing, it’s really not.



30 Days of Face Masks – Day 2

Day 2

L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask: Comforting and Unifying


Contains: 3 types of clay

Goal: to make skin more refreshed

Purchased details: I got this mask at London Drugs for $15.99 CAD


This is one of my favourite masks, I’ve had for a while. Even with it being clay I don’t find it over drying. My skin feels fresh after. The smell is something to be desired, it clearly has some fragrance/perfume in it. It smells somewhat old-lady-esque. I don’t really know how else to word it.

I apply it with a synthetic foundation brush to make sure I get even coverage everywhere, I recommend this for all loose masks like this.

I leave it on for 15-20 mins like the directions say, and follow up with my nightly creams and serums. There is so much product in this one little container, I think it’s a great value. It’s also nice that the container is glass, makes it feel a little more luxe than it is.

I really want to try out the other ones from this line, so keep checking in to see that!

30 Days of Face Masks

As I get older I focus more on skin care and lately I have been really into face masks.


Over the next 30-some days (lets be honest, I’ll miss some), I’ll be trying out a new face mask every day.

Background: I have fair, sensitive skin. I am 34 years old, with minor sun damage. I’m seeing the effects of age around my eyes, mouth and forehead. I haven’t had any cosmetic surgeries on my face (yet).

Join me on this journey!

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UPDATE! Project Pan That Palette: Naked 3

Turns out my video card is on the fritz and I couldn’t get the posts I wanted done. In the meantime, here’s an update 1 month later to my Naked 3 palette.


As you can see we’ve hit pan on Strange! Horrah! Finally some payout. This has really just been my replacement for MAC Vanilla, which I use for everything (I’ve gone through so many over the years). Nooner is also come down a bit.

Some of the colours are so pigmented that it’s hard to use a lot in a look, but I’m trying my best to get through some of the rarely used shades.


Mugshot is also getting used more. The dark colours are really tricky for me still. I’ve been using them more but really in the grand scheme of things, it’s going to take some time! I’m pretty proud of sticking to one palette for the last month, and have come up with some creative ways to use these colours. It’s really a fantastic selection, and I still think if you have pink undertones it’s a MUST HAVE! Even if it is pretty pricey.

Project Pan That Palette: Naked 3

Project Pan That Palette: Naked 3

As of September 22 I will have owned my Naked 3 palette for 3 years now. That’s a long time. I’ve come across other bloggers doing “project pan” and “project pan that palette” and figured this would be something interesting to document.

I own way too much makeup, yet I want more. I refuse to let myself buy more until I’ve used up what I’ve got. I recently did a purge and got rid of some really old stuff and did a HUGE back-to-MAC trip. So let’s do this.

As of today this is the status of my Naked 3


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Essence Lash Princess First Impressions

Essence Lash Princess First Impressions

While cruising Facebook the other day I come across this video by Glamour Magazine.

It was originally titled with $3, but changed once everyone outed them for click-bait. This had me wondering more about it.

Random fact: you know how bloggers/youtubers need to disclose if something was sponsored or an add, well magazines don’t have to do that. They can pretty much straight up lie and get away with it.

So I hit up my local Shoppers Drug Mart and for $5.99 CAD I got my hands on a tube of this crazy mascara.  Continue reading “Essence Lash Princess First Impressions”