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30 Days of Face Masks

Day 7

Still Spa Essentials – Green Tea & Ginger peel off mask

Goal: revitalizing

Spend: $3.99 @ Shoppers

This mask had a slight clinical smell but nothing overwhelming. It had the consistency of honey.

It dripped off my face, which was annoying. It did peel off easy after about 25 min. My skin felt great after.

I love peel masks. I find them so much fun!


30 Days of Face Masks

As I get older I focus more on skin care and lately I have been really into face masks.


Over the next 30-some days (lets be honest, I’ll miss some), I’ll be trying out a new face mask every day.

Background: I have fair, sensitive skin. I am 34 years old, with minor sun damage. I’m seeing the effects of age around my eyes, mouth and forehead. I haven’t had any cosmetic surgeries on my face (yet).

Join me on this journey!

DAY 1 Continue reading “30 Days of Face Masks”

Essence Lash Princess First Impressions

Essence Lash Princess First Impressions

While cruising Facebook the other day I come across this video by Glamour Magazine.

It was originally titled with $3, but changed once everyone outed them for click-bait. This had me wondering more about it.

Random fact: you know how bloggers/youtubers need to disclose if something was sponsored or an add, well magazines don’t have to do that. They can pretty much straight up lie and get away with it.

So I hit up my local Shoppers Drug Mart and for $5.99 CAD I got my hands on a tube of this crazy mascara.  Continue reading “Essence Lash Princess First Impressions”

Welcome To The New

Welcome To The New

Thanks for visiting the new page!!


Unfortunately due to weebly’s policy changes I am unable to host my blog on their site anymore. So there are some minor superficial changes to the site, and we won’t be able to go back into the archive. With that said I may be re-sharing some of my favourite posts.

Enjoy the new layout and if there’s anything you want to see hit me up on facebook, instagram or by email!