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30 Days of Face Masks

Day 10 – part 1

Body Drench Australian Red Clay Mask

3 pack – $12.99 from Modern Beauty Supply

Designed to nourish and brighten

This is my “I’m not impressed” face.

I’m not sure if my mask was dried out or if it’s literal clay but it was impossible to work with.

I’m thinking it was dried up, due to the way it looks in the pot.

Hopefully I have more luck with the other two.


30 Days of Face Masks

Day 9

The Crème Shop – Glow Up, Skin! Unicorn Mask

Infused with rainbow pearl essence, restores dullness to make skin gleam and sparkle.

$7.99 for 3 from Winners

This is terrifying and hilarious. This mask has a unicorn print on it. As a self proclaimed unicorn I had to get this one.

The instructions say that if it tingles it’s working. Not much tingling going on but it did feel hydrating.

20 mins later it feels like a sheet mask. I honestly don’t see much difference in these sheet masks but maybe that’s just me?

30 Days of Face Masks

Day 8

Masque Bar: Oxygen Bubble Bamboo Charcoal Sheet Mask

Goal: detoxifying

$3.99 at Shoppers

First applied

There’s no smell and it felt like your standard sheet mask. The directions say to leave it on for 15 mins and the bubbles should form. Then to remove it and massage the bubbles in and wash it off.

Well I waited 15 mins. I felt bubbles forming and it looked like this.

I’m clearly not too impressed. I’ve seen pictures and videos online and it was much more impressive.

Skip this one and go with another bubble mask.

Essence Lash Princess First Impressions

Essence Lash Princess First Impressions

While cruising Facebook the other day I come across this video by Glamour Magazine.

It was originally titled with $3, but changed once everyone outed them for click-bait. This had me wondering more about it.

Random fact: you know how bloggers/youtubers need to disclose if something was sponsored or an add, well magazines don’t have to do that. They can pretty much straight up lie and get away with it.

So I hit up my local Shoppers Drug Mart and for $5.99 CAD I got my hands on a tube of this crazy mascara.  Continue reading “Essence Lash Princess First Impressions”