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UPDATE! Project Pan That Palette: Naked 3

Turns out my video card is on the fritz and I couldn’t get the posts I wanted done. In the meantime, here’s an update 1 month later to my Naked 3 palette.


As you can see we’ve hit pan on Strange! Horrah! Finally some payout. This has really just been my replacement for MAC Vanilla, which I use for everything (I’ve gone through so many over the years). Nooner is also come down a bit.

Some of the colours are so pigmented that it’s hard to use a lot in a look, but I’m trying my best to get through some of the rarely used shades.


Mugshot is also getting used more. The dark colours are really tricky for me still. I’ve been using them more but really in the grand scheme of things, it’s going to take some time! I’m pretty proud of sticking to one palette for the last month, and have come up with some creative ways to use these colours. It’s really a fantastic selection, and I still think if you have pink undertones it’s a MUST HAVE! Even if it is pretty pricey.

Welcome To The New HeavenlyMakeUp.ca

Welcome To The New HeavenlyMakeUp.ca

Thanks for visiting the new page!!


Unfortunately due to weebly’s policy changes I am unable to host my blog on their site anymore. So there are some minor superficial changes to the site, and we won’t be able to go back into the archive. With that said I may be re-sharing some of my favourite posts.

Enjoy the new layout and if there’s anything you want to see hit me up on facebook, instagram or by email!