Project Pan That Palette: Naked 3

Project Pan That Palette: Naked 3

As of September 22 I will have owned my Naked 3 palette for 3 years now. That’s a long time. I’ve come across other bloggers doing “project pan” and “project pan that palette” and figured this would be something interesting to document.

I own way too much makeup, yet I want more. I refuse to let myself buy more until I’ve used up what I’ve got. I recently did a purge and got rid of some really old stuff and did a HUGE back-to-MAC trip. So let’s do this.

As of today this is the status of my Naked 3



Starting on the left, my most used shadow has to be Strange. It’s a good base and highlight colour for me. It has a pretty significant indent, but no pan yet.

I find myself wanting to use Dust but it just doesn’t come off as shimmery as I’d like. It’s also one of those shimmers that if your brush has any oil on it the shadow forms a skin. This is easily scraped off, but really annoying. Maybe I’ll try using it damp, it won’t help the skin issue but might make the shimmer stronger.

Burnout is another odd colour. Not quite shimmery, not quite… well… not shimmery. Just a rosy colour. I’ll have to find a way to incorporate it more.

Limit is the absolute best transition colour for me. It matches my undertone and looks just like a natural shadow on me. The problem is I tend to use it a little too sparingly. C’mon Erika, dig into that sucker!

Buzz gives me the same problems that Dust does, not enough shimmer pay out!

Trick is gold, and hardly ever used. I just don’t find myself attracted to gold shadows.


Nooner is Limit with guts. I use this one in my crease often as well, you can see a pretty good dent in that one.

Liar sits somewhere in a place I don’t really know what to do with. You can still see the original pressing patter on it. That’s not a good sign if I want to pan this sucker!

I feel like Factory is the misunderstood cousin in this palette, I would love to use it more, but just don’t ever use the right brush. It needs a dense, firm brush. Or even *GASP* a sponge aplicator.

Mugshot is also on the gold scale, and just never finds its way to my lid. Maybe I can pair it up with Trick and make some magic.

I love Darkside on my lower lash line, problem is that the lower lid is so small.

Lastly is Blackhart. I don’t do enough smokey eyes to really utilize this deep plummy colour. The glitter in it is beautiful.

With the weather getting cooler, and the darker clothes making their way out of my closet I think I might have to really dig into the smokey eye looks again.

I’ll update in a month with the progress, here’s hoping we see pan on at least that first shade!





All products mentioned above are used with no outside influence unless otherwise noted. All opinions are my own.


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